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How light can easily

  London Imperial College London physicist studies using a light manufacturing material program. 80 years ago, scientists have proposed this theory (Note: in 1934, Breit and Wheeler first put forward the conception of), at the time it seems the idea is crazy.Now, after the three scientists in a small Coffee house bubble a day and drink endless cups Coffee, they came up with a relatively simple and feasible scheme.

  Although after theoretical calculation, the light of creation is feasible, but even if the Breit and Wheeler I also said, did not expect to see someone who can reallydemonstrate their ideas. Theoretically, two light molecules (the so-called photonic)together crushed, positron will produce positive charge with a negative charge of theelectron and a belt unit. So far, in the laboratory has not been observed this phenomenon.

  The latest research results mentioned in this paper published in the journal "nature"(Nature Photonics) on the optical. This is the first human to real experiment verified the light form creation theory. Here involves "photon collider" use existing technology,it can be directly converted to light material. The occurrence of this experiment can reproduce the universe was originally formed in 100 seconds of the phenomenon, this phenomenon will appear in the gamma ray burst is. Gamma ray bursts in the universe is the largest explosion, is also the biggest mysteries in physics.

  Scientists in the study of fusion energy and other unrelated question, realized that this finding can be used to validate the Breit-Wheeler theory. A study of the nuclear physics from Faith Planck Mark (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics) theoreticalphysicist at the Imperial College London, and other colleagues together to accomplishthat feat.

  Demo of the Breit-Wheeler theory, will provide the final key to prove to reveal the light and matter interact to form. This is like the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle,photoelectric effect theory of electron positron including 1930 Dirac on the theory andEinstein in 1905 and the first six piece of "jigsaw", this several findings won the Nobel prize.

  Professor Steve Ross of the Department of physics of Imperial College London (SteveRose) said: "in spite of all physicists have recognized the Breit-Wheeler theory is correct, but even they themselves do not believe can verify this theory in the laboratory. Now, 80 years later, we proved them wrong. The whole experiment is the most exciting for us place is found can put the light directly into the material method,the use of technology is that we have mastered the technology. Because we arescholars, so we are able to complete this experiment with other people negotiate."

  Photon collider experiments is made up of two key steps. The first step, the use ofhigh intensity laser with high energy to accelerate electrons to nearly the speed of light, then these electronic import gold slab, the creation of a photon beam of visible light more than 1000000000 times higher energy; the second step, adding a piececalled hohlraum (German, meaning "empty room") tiny gold. The inner surface of the scientists used high-energy laser baking bullion, creating a thermal radiation field,which produced divergent light like stars as manufacturing light. Then, through thecenter of the tank body, and guide the first step manufacturing photon beamgenerated with the second step of the photon collision, the formation of positron and electron. When the positive and negative electrons leaving the tank, it can validate the theory.

  Specialize in plasma physics PhDs, is also the project leader Oliver Pike said: "although the theory is conceptually simple, but will be very difficult to verifyexperimentally. But the way we design can use existing technology, validated by a relatively simple way. Began to use the Nuggets this idea is very accidental, when we feel we can manufacture photon collider with it, they're being shocked."

  This study was funded by the engineering physics scientific research committee(Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, EPSRC), accelerate scientificresearch institute and the atomic weapons establishment (John Adams AtomicWeapons Establishment, AWE) to provide financial support. The Max Planck Instituteto participate in the cooperation.

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