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The development status of analytical optical measuring projector market

  Optical measuring projector called optical projection measurement instrument oroptical projection comparator, to use the principle of optical projection, the measured workpiece contour or table machine projection to observe the scene, a measuring instrument for measuring or alignment. Optical measuring projector is applicable to the two coordinate measurement for the purpose of application in all fields, machinery,electronics, instrumentation, widely used in plastic industry.

  In recent years, the development of modular and virtual technology, has brought new development opportunities for the test and measurement instrument industry in our country, together with the national and all levels of government pay more and more attention, provides a hitherto unknown power and opportunities for electronic measurement instrument industry.

  Optical measuring projector is the use of optical lens will be measured in proportion to enlarge a optical instrument for measuring projection onto a screen, are widely used to measure the shape of complex mechanical parts and plastic injection parts, such asstamping, gear, cam, screw thread, cutting tools and templates, in addition to the geometric parameters of direct measurement of parts, but also can profile and docontour contrast measurement, let the two dimension and three coordinates becomeindustrial production indispensable tool.

  The domestic equipment industry market opportunity already arrived, optical measuring projector also facing a good opportunity for development. The development opportunity at present our country optical measuring projector industry faces are: China's industrial upgrading in the round, laid a good foundation for thedevelopment of optical measuring projector. Energy saving, saving, emission reduction, provides a broad market for the new electronic instrument. In addition, from a manufacturing based fusion have electronic instrument provides a broad marketnew change mainly to service industry, electrical appliances market in 3C technology.However, compared with international standards, in the product structure, high-end products in the technical level, the market share (about 10%) is still a big gap, waits for the domestic enterprises to improve. In the future, bus technology and software technology must follow the international development level.

  At present, the market has already opened the door, the key is our domestic equipment enterprises to seize the opportunity to enter the market, provide high quality high level products. The domestic related enterprises should pay close attention to the international market, understand the latest trend, technologyinnovation, enhance competitiveness.

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