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Five "the big challenge of Optics and photonics" and development suggestion

  Optics and photonics is the key used in communications, computing, manufacturing,health, energy, defense, agriculture and many other areas of enabling technology,highly valued by the main American, EU, Russia and other countries and regions. In 2014 April, the State Commission of science and technology America announcedoptics and photonics fast action committee (composed by 16 members, 6 of them fromthe military) report.

  Five "big challenge"

  America academia, industry and government as potential domestic optics and photonics research and development activities, identify and set of key researchinterest has been on the   increase. In the 2013 issue of the "Optics and Photonics: fortheir crucial technology" in the report, American National Research Council (NRC) put forward five "challenges America optics and photonics industry".

  One is how to improve the invention optical network capacity 100 times thetechnology?

  The two is how communication, sensing, medical, energy and defense applicationsdeveloped a seamless integration of electronic equipment, as the mainstream platform system chip low cost manufacturing and packaging?

  The three is how to develop American military optical technology necessary to supportwide area surveillance, target recognition and image resolution enhancement, high bandwidth communication, free space laser weapons and missile defense?

  The four is how to make the America energy stakeholders achieve to the 2020 national solar power parity grid, power generation and fossil fuel competition?

  The five is how to develop the light source and the imaging tool, so that the manufacturing accuracy is improved by one order of magnitude or more?

  Quick response

  In response to the American National Research Council report, America state science and Technology Commission of Physical Science Committee set up in the spring of 2013 the optics and photonics fast action committee (FATC-OP), the search for the federal investment and inter agency cooperation in basic research and applied research opportunities in fields of early. The Committee in 120 days have a meeting once a week, inviting representatives special experts and Main Technology Association for the next ten years technical outlook, and it is important to determinethe basic research and applied research field of early.

  According to the briefing, optics and photonics fast action committee put forward a series of key recommendations. These key recommendations into research and capacity building opportunities opportunities advice advice, directly or indirectly,responded to a five item first "challenge" problem of National Research Council reportin four. Because of USA Department of energy is investing heavily in "Solar Plan" to deal with the solar energy field "challenge" problem, so the optics and photonics fastaction committee does not directly answer the question.

  The Committee believes that, the suggestion has widely promote meaning, can contribute to important technological opportunities, national priorities and key sectors of the economy. For example, the priority research needs -- biophotonics and imaging through complex media is American president announced plans and American countrybrain cornerstone of Economic Roadmap, for they will promote the development of new tools for optics and photonics, the electrical activity of the brain imaging and control, used for mapping protein and protein interaction maps in molecular and subthe molecular level. As another example, manufacturing facilities and nano optoelectronics available for optical network capacity increase the times to carry out research, and provides the ability of scientific research, and for the next ten yearsAmerican continue technological innovation to contribute, and to make large dataopportunities increasingly become a reality.

  Key recommendations

  Biophotonics, enhance understanding of the development of systems biology and disease: biophotonics foundation to support innovation, in order to promotequantitative imaging, systems biology, medicine and neuroscience, biological markertechnology and highly efficient agricultural production progress.

  From the weak photon research to study the development of single photon, at extremely low light level working optical and photonic technology.

  Imaging in complex media, to promote the study of light propagation in medium,dynamic imaging technology to improve scattering, dispersion, turbulence.

  Ultra low power nano optoelectronic, exploration of low power consumption,atorvastatin (10) limit Joule level photonic information processing and communicationdevice.

  Provides facilities for the use of researchers, determine the academic researchersand small business innovators demand for affordable domestic manufacturingfacilities, R & D, optoelectronic integrated devices promote the complex manufacturing and assembly.

  Singular photonic research, promotion of R & D, with coherent light source, photo detector and optical device manufacturing compact, and to the academia, national laboratories and industry to open.

  The key photonic materials domestic sources, the development of and access tonational science and technology plan is crucial to American optical and photonic materials, such as infrared optical materials, nonlinear optical materials, low dimensional materials, optical materials and optical engineering materials.

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