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The next seven mobile phone optical zoom mode

  One, the principle of optical zoom

  Optical zoom is generated through the lens, object and focus changes the position ofthe three party. When the imaging surface moving in the horizontal direction, angle and focal length will change, farther scenery becomes clearer, let a person feel likeobject progressive feeling. Obviously, to change the angle of view to have two ways,one is to change the focal length of the lens. The photographer used the words, thisis the optical zoom. By changing the relative position of each lens in a zoom lens to change the focal length of the lens. Another is to change the imaging surface of theimaging surface size, i.e. the diagonal length in digital photography, this is calleddigital zoom. In fact, the digital zoom is not to change the focal length of the lens, justby changing the imaging plane diagonal angle to change the angle of view, resulting in "is equivalent to" the effect of the variation of the focal length of the lens.

 The zoom lens is composed of a fixed lens group and a variable lens group is composed of two parts. By moving the variable lens group, the light path imagingchanges, can change in a certain range of the lens focal length, which also changed the shooting angle.

  One, the principle of optical zoom

  Zoom lens ratio refers to the minimum focal length maximum focal length and wide angle telephoto end than.

  There are many ways to realize the optical zoom, the following brief introduction.

  Two, the outer telescopic type

  Optical zoom card type digital camera mostly uses the outer telescopic type structure,because of large volume, complex system, ported to mobile phone use is very difficult,however, Samsung has done, will be a scaled down version of the outer telescopicoptical zoom camera implanted into the mobile phone body, Galaxy S5 Zoom is the representative of.

  The outer telescopic optical zoom module implanted into the mobile phone, big structure size, photoelectric system is difficult, the whole machine research and development difficulty, long development cycle, high power consumption, the outertelescopic structure is not conducive to users, ID is difficult to machine design and other unfavorable factors, so the scheme is not suitable for the pursuit of portable,lightweight mobile phone with.

  Two, the outer telescopic type

  In three, the telescopic

  In order to better the traditional mechanical optical zoom camera module implanted into the mobile phone, the miniaturization design into a solution. Sharp in 2005 launched the miniaturization design of inner telescopic optical zoom module, themodule of 3000000 pixels, the peripheral size to a 20 * 10 * 23.5mm, can achieve 3 times optical zoom. Sharp V903SH and V903SH mobile phone with this kind of opticalzoom module, but the industry optical zoom, mobile phone is most famous is the NokiaN93 and N93i, it is a mini DV.

  The inner telescopic successfully reduced the size of camera module, and the overall structure of telescopic change for a single lens telescopic motion in the module, the module is easier to carry on mobile phone use. But the disadvantage is that themobile phone module height is too high, the structure and design of ID is very difficult,Nokia is more do not mind a cut to the camera design in the shaft parts. But the present is the pursuit of simple intelligent mobile phone era, the larger module heightobviously not easy to in mobile phone design.

  In three, the telescopic

  Four, periscope

  In order to put the inner telescopic reduced height, Sony company creatively designedperiscope optical zoom module, that is adding a lens in the lens at the end of 45 degrees, and the module is placed in parallel on the mobile phone, can greatly reduce the height. T series card type digital camera Sony of ultra-thin body is the use of thisdesign is completed.

  Structure of periscope, if resources are relatively abundant, applied to intelligentmobile phone should be very good choice.

  Four, periscope

  The five algorithm, dual camera zoom

  Corephotonics company released a dual camera system, is composed of two camerascombination, one of which is a wide angle lens, the other is a macro lens. When at work, the two lens and take out a vision and a close-up photo, through the back endsynthesis arithmetic is a photo, to support the optical zoom in real time, and ensure the consistent image quality. Unlike digital zoom, through taking slightly magnified images obtained optical zoom effect, but the image quality was obviously decreasedby amplification.

  Five, dual camera Algorithm five, dual camera zoom zoom algorithm

  Six, MEMS zoom

  A Alvarez lens Google once applied for the patent, lens can configure two different thickness of the plate, through the refraction of realizing optical zoom function. Simply put, the biggest advantage of this technology is very suitable for small digital devices such as smart mobile phone use, optical zoom function can achieve a certain multiple,mobile phone does not increase the volume and power consumption; but it also hassome limitations, it is relatively limited, at the same time the optical zoom lens moduleis relatively fixed, not by the manufacturers customization.

  Six, MEMS zoom

  Seven, DynaOptics zoom

  From San Francisco and Singapore team composed of DynaOptics studios, theyproposed a new optical structure. Create with its camera is small in size, can be implanted into the mobile phone is very convenient.

  Zoom optical structure of the traditional needs of internal group of lenses is moving the regulating the distance between each other to achieve different paths, to achievezoom objective. DynaOptics proposed a new optical structure, the distance betweenthe lens is unchanged, but changes the light path by shifting the lens, like somespecial bifocals did.

  Mobile phone with camera from the pixel continuously pulled high image quality, tocontinuously upgrade, to the present optical anti shake join and popularization, under

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