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To meet with characteristics of capillary

  Capillary radiation air conditioning is a kind of bearing water, by thin elastic thin tube(special PP data is less than or equal to 4.3mm) cold, heat radiation as the primarytransfer heat energy equipment, cold and heat sources, water circulation system ofcontact, air humidifying system and automatic control system, a comfortable, energy-saving, efficient air conditioning system can completely replace the traditional miningwarm refrigeration system.

  Now, the air conditioning system of modern construction must meet very high demand.Traditional air conditioning system such as ventilation equipment and static heating is very hard to reach the space and energy saving and comfort, the province's best hotdemand, capillary radiation air-conditioning is a new technology in this field, it canautomatically adjust according to the surrounding environment. The operationprinciple of

  PPR plastic capillary radiation air-conditioning use 4.3X0.8 constitutes mm distance ofmesh 10 mm - 30 mm, like capillary in the human body, plays a distribution, transport and collect the function of liquid. In the grid and human activities in capillary liquidvelocity is fundamentally the same, are between 0.05 - 0.2 m/s. With humansubcutaneous tissue capillaries and the surrounding environment successfully conducted heat transfer exchanges, to reach the purpose of conditioningtemperature. The primary characteristics

  1, structural features of the capillary radiation air conditioning is: water diversionstructure, which has large heat exchange area, thin wall and good thermal conductivity, heat evenly, small hydraulic loss characteristics, the resolution of thecapillary network is a kind of heat exchanger efficiency. "Big thin wall" is the capillary network for central strengths heat exchange.

  2, data characteristics: the making of capillary radiation air conditioning of materials is PP-R, PE-RT can be thermoplastic plastics, can be hot forming, green environmental protection, together with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance,corrosion resistance characteristics, so it is widely application fields, is of high efficient heat exchangers of ambition.

  3, using the characteristic of capillary radiation air conditioning: thin, soft, light, andconvenient device, a covering layer to thin, paving area can be large, and thus can be useful to use low grade power, complete the energy-saving and comfortable effect.First use of

  4, for the heat and humidity independent processing air conditioning system, radiation heating refrigeration, energy using low grade, can improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning unit, or the direct use of renewable power.

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